Heat Pump Services

KMO Authorized provider for heat pump installations, maintenance and repairs

Heat pump systems are a fantastic solution to address your heating and cooling needs. They are perfect for use year-round in homes, businesses and summer houses. Proper installation and maintenance of your heat pump is critical to ensuring the system performs correctly and the warranty is honored by the manufacturer. It is not a “do-it-yourself” project.

Are you considering a new heat pump, or does your existing heat pump need to be repaired? VP Electric has the experience and legal authorizations necessary to help find a solution that is best for your budget and lifestyle.

Selecting an Installer
Environmental legislation throughout the European Union requires that individuals who work with HFC refrigerants (air-conditioning, heat pumps, etc.) must be approved by refrigeration industry Environmental Scheme (KMO).

KMO authorization is awarded after the installer has successfully completed courses in handling refrigerants.

VP Electric ApS is KMO certified with an F-Gas Authorization. We are also Authorized Electricians.

         KMO / F-Gas Authorization
         Registration #: Category II 140407 14905

This means, we understand how the heat pump works, and how the location and position of the installation can affect the indoor and outdoor units. If necessary, we can also complete your electrical installation.

We are prepared with specialized equipment that is necessary to complete the installation and to test that the system is working properly.

Heat Pump Installation
When choosing a new heat pump, you must consider several factors including – the size of your living space, how you plan to use the system, your budget and the location of your installation.

We specialize in Air to Air Heat Pumps and Air to Water Heat Pump Systems. Each type of system provides different benefits. They also have very different installation requirements. VP Electric can help you select the best system to meet your requirements.

Heat Pump Maintenance & Repairs
There’s never a convenient time for your heat pump to breakdown. That’s why VP Electric’s licensed and certified technicians provide 24-hour service. Whether you need routine maintenance or an emergency repair, our technicians show up on time and ready to get the job done properly.

Quote Request & Information
For questions or to schedule an appointment with VP Electric, call Søren Blume at +45 51 74 55 77

If you are currently shopping for a heat pump system, one of our partners offers highly efficient Air to Air Heat Pumps. To learn more, visit Ventilations Filtre at www.ventilationsfilter.dk

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Heat Pump Services

KMO Authorized provider for heat pump installations, maintenance and repairs

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